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Defining Sexy

Sexy is a term people tend to put in a box.¬†You need to look a certain way, act a certain way, and dress a certain way…but sexy comes in all shapes and sizes. From what we can see, sexiness comes out when clients embrace themselves. Look at it this way- we all have that one […]

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Boudoir for the Holidays

Tis the season to get together with your loved ones, decorate a tree, celebrate a tradition…and shell out some presents. Thanksgiving has passed and the Christmas music has begun, marking the start of the giving holiday. Tired of getting the same old gift for that special someone? Or just don’t plain know what is special […]

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Boudoir in the News!

As you all know, we love boudoir and it is always exciting to see it get a little airtime. Good Morning America did did a piece on the art form– a few women as well as boudoir photographers were featured and it’s a fun insight into the world of boudoir. One woman said, “Seeing how […]

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A Little Extra from a Boudoir Shoot

We love ourselves a boudoir photograph. Many of them actually. Enough to fill a book to keep for yourself or give to a loved one. But what we have learned from our clients is that this is also an opportunity for portraits. You are already glammed up and looking your best so if you need […]

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Do you Need Professional Makeup for Boudoir?

One question that comes up periodically among clients is whether they really need a professional makeup artist. And in our opinion, the answer is absolutely! An important member of our team is Michelle Poor, the makeup and hair guru that makes all of our clients look their stunning best for their shoots. She is a¬†professionally […]

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