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Why Do A Consultation Before Your Shoot

So one step of the boudoir process that we’re big believers in is the consultation visit before your shoot. What is this consultation we speak of? It’s a meeting usually in the studio where we get together before the shoot and get some things figured out. Here’s what we’re talking about: 1. Meet and Greet: We understand […]

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Boudoir Holiday Deadlines

Thinking boudoir for Christmas or Valentines Day gifts? Putting products like books together takes some doing and we want to make sure you get those books and things to your loved ones on schedule and just the way you want them. The timeline can vary based on what you order- prints can be turned around […]

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What is your Color Palette?

Fall has really got us thinking about color palettes. The warm tones related to this brisk season are rich oranges and eggplant purples, golden yellows, deep browns and burgundies, and plush greens. And here in New England we really are spoiled. As autumn has its signature color palette, so do boudoir sessions. We talk a […]

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Wedding Boudoir: A Growing Trend

We are always on the look out for what is happening in the world of boudoir and according to The Knot, wedding boudoir is on the rise. And we can’t help but understand- when it comes to a bride giving a gift to her groom, a series of intimate photos showing your passionate side seems […]

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Boudoir Debunked

When we go into a boudoir shoot with a new client, we are always stunned and overjoyed with the transformation that happens from the beginning to end. It is common to walk through the door with some nervousness and apprehension about dropping trough and getting in front of the camera but by the end,  we […]

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