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A Rave From Ms. B

We’re so excited to share this review from Ms. B! She did a Boudoir shoot with us as a Valentine’s Day gift, and her photos were beautiful. I always get excited when we can show off some awesome tattoos!

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I recently had my boudoir photo shoot with Erik at Patton Photography in Somerville. I obviously was a little nervous about this shoot considering the nature of the actual shoot, but Erik and his team were extremely professional. It started with a consultation to meet Erik, where he explained the process and we went over what I was looking to get out of the shoot. The actual day of the shoot you would think would be nerve racking posing in lingerie but Erik explained everything and made me feel like a real model. My hair and makeup were subtle yet beautiful. The hardest part for me was actually picking the pictures I wanted. Erik did such a great job and all of the photos were amazing. I honestly didn’t think they would come out as beautiful as they did and if I could have bought them all I would have. This experience has been a huge confidence booster and made me look at myself in a different light. I originally did this for my boyfriend as a Valentine’s Day gift but it ended up being a gift for myself as well. Not only did he love the pictures, but Erik and Lorna were able to get all this done in just a few weeks and my surprise was able to be ready for Valentine’s Day! I could not be happier with the whole experience. I have since shown off his photos to several friends who all absolutely loved how they came out. I hope to have Erik do more photo shoots for me in the future. If anyone is looking to have a boudoir shoot but is afraid it would be awkward I highly recommend Erik at Patton Photography!

Ms. M’s Boudoir Session

Ms. M came to our studio to do a Boudoir shoot as a gift to her boyfriend, and she got a beautiful album from us! They both loved how her photos turned out, especially her man, who couldn’t WAIT to see them!

I can’t get enough of Ms. M’s super glamorous shoes and beautiful tattoos! She’s one fabulous lady. Shoes are seriously the top statement accessory for a Boudoir photoshoot, so take note ladies!


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A Rave From Ms. P

Happy Tuesday!

Today we have an awesome review to share from Ms. P! She came to the Patton Boudoir studio to do a shoot as a birthday gift for herself. She even let us share some of her photos! Enjoy the sneak peek below, and view more of her photos at the link here!

Thanks so much to Ms. P for gushing about us! You made our day!

Boston Boudoir Photography -

“My photo shoot experience with Erik Patton Photography was everything I had hoped for and more than I could ever expect!!

I decided that I wanted to celebrate my 42nd birthday with a photo shoot. We memorialize our academic achievements and professional accomplishments so why not honor individual external beauty with a photo shoot? It took me only a few weeks of researching photographers and reviewing picture galleries to know what I didn’t want my experience to be like. I had a gut feeling that when the right photographer was presented to me I would just “know it”. Enter the Patton Boudoir experience – classy, glamorous, elegant, sexy … overall excellent from start to finish.

Starting with my preliminary communication with the very professional and pleasant studio manager Miss Lorna I knew I had made the right decision. The process to set up the initial appointment was quick and effortless. Once I met with Erik for our consultation I was thrilled. Erik is such a genuine person and I could sense this that he truly cares about his clients and wants to ensure a positive and memorable experience. We looked through some boudoir portfolios, chatted about what I was hoping to get out of the experience, and narrowed down ideas for my shoot. The date was finally scheduled and I had a few weeks to figure out my outfits and to mentally prepare.

I was so excited leading up to the day of the shoot but also a little nervous as I wasn’t sure if I was going to be a “good model” but knew I would be ok with such a supportive team. I can not stress this enough – having a professional make-up artist is a must. I was a little skeptical at first because I really wanted to have a “natural look” for my pictures and I was afraid of the “cakey-made-up” look. Well artist Grace Sheikh delivered. She did a wonderful job on my hair and make-up – just take a look at the photos!. And more importantly I not only looked great but I felt beautiful and glamorous thanks to Grace! I believe this feeling resonated throughout the shoot.

Then the picture taking starts. There is no need to prep because Erik will guide you throughout the entire process. In every single set of photos taken there are at least a handful of unbelievable moments captured. Erik’s work is unparalleled in this genre of photography. Have you checked out the website and the picture gallery? He uses several techniques throughout the shoot to bring out the best in his clients. Erik is the consummate professional with a keen sense of capturing the elegance of beauty in his work and an expert in the artistic expression of female sensuality. (I am now addicted to being photographed in my lingerie! LOL After my evening with the Patton Boudoir team I don’t think I fell asleep until the wee hours of the morning because I felt so exhilarated from the entire experience.)

In no time my proofs were ready for viewing. My schedule can be kind of hectic and Miss Lorna was so accommodating when booking my viewing. Surprisingly this was the second time during the process that I was a little nervous and unsure of what to expect but once again I had no reason to be. When we started to go through the pictures all I could think of and eventually blurted out was the following “Wow! Gorgeous! Unbelievable! Is that me? I love that pic too! More Wow!!” Needless to say I was very pleased with the final work product. I have chosen an 8×10 which I will frame and display and then I also ordered a photo album with photos I absolutely loooooove!!!

The team under Erik’s vision and direction provides unique expertise which contributes directly in delivering a professional, high-quality final work product. And they also provide something extra, a sense of celebrating the individual … in my case, a sense of celebrating me.

It has been an honor to work with such a professional and exceptional team. Overall this was a wonderful experience and I am so glad that Erik Patton Photography was a big part of my birthday!!”

Ms. P’s Boudoir Session

Today is a great day because we get to show off the photos of one of our favorite clients! Ms. P came to the Patton Boudoir studio to do a shoot as a birthday gift for herself. When she told us which birthday this was for, I couldn’t believe it! This lady is looking great, and we’re so glad she got to treat herself for her birthday!

Ms. P has been a dream to work with from start to finish. She has a super fun personality, and it’s been amazing how she keeps giving back to us! She gave us a fantastic rave review that we’ll share with you all soon. Stay tuned for her review, and until then, enjoy Ms. P’s sultry photos! I especially love the range of unique outfits she brought. It’s not every day we see a client who’s brave enough to bring in a bodysuit!


Boston Boudoir Photography - pattonboudoir.comBoston Boudoir Photography - pattonboudoir.comBoston Boudoir Photography - pattonboudoir.comBoston Boudoir Photography - pattonboudoir.comBoston Boudoir Photography - pattonboudoir.comBoston Boudoir Photography -

Ms. A’s Boudoir Session

We’re humbled to be able to share a photo from Ms. A’s Boudoir shoot, paired with a bit of her story.

Ms. A came to our studio after a pretty significant life transition. She is a survivor of breast cancer, and of course went through the physical changes that that brings. She felt strongly that she didn’t want to be emotionally defeated by this experience, but instead wanted to build her self-confidence and love the new form her body had taken.

After all that, she decided to come to the Patton Photography studio to do a Boudoir shoot as a gift to both herself and her husband. I’m overjoyed for her that she decided to take that step of vulnerability, and excited that she wants to own her new, beautiful body with confidence! Go Ms. A!


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