Miss M.

Ms. M.'s Boudoir Session

Ms. M. is not a model, although she looks like she could be!  She’s a friend of our makeup artist Kerri who volunteered to do a shoot with us so that we could have some promotional imagery to show.  Many clients prefer to keep their images private, so it’s hard to show recent work!  She did great and I think she looks amazing!

Interested in your own session?  We have a couple of openings for October, but don’t wait!

Here’s a short testimonial video of Ms. M. talking about her experience and below are a few of my favorite images.  Which ones do you like the best?

And here’s a behind the scenes video showing the process of the shoot.

And a few final images.

Woman in black bodysuit
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Things People Get Nervous About

Things People Get Nervous About When Doing a Shoot

People get nervous about all kinds of things when doing a shoot. It’s true it can be a little awkward initially, but having done this for a long time I can tell you the nerves quickly disappear.  The video has some tips for dealing with nerves.  Give it a listen!

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Brandy L.

Brandy L.

Since not a lot of our clients will let us share photos for privacy reasons, we occasionally have a need for a “model”. In this case, it was Brandy, a good friend of our makeup artist, Kerri.

A busy mom with three kids, she was happy to spend some time with us in the studio. She said it great for her to feel “like a woman again”, which for us, is a great compliment. Throughout the shoot she was brimming with confidence and showing her some pictures as we shot made her feel even better about herself. She rocked the entire shoot!

We did a couple of different looks, one with a body suit and a second with a man’s white shirt. To match the lighting and feel, Kerri started with a lighter look and then moved to something darker.

Her photos have been well received on social media by all of her friends. And as a result we’ve had a few people reach out about doing their own shoots. If you’re interested in learning more about it, we’d love to hear from you!


Erik & Kerri

Portrait in body suit

Looking back at camera

Laying down on the couch

Arching her back

Bust detail

Man's white shirt

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A boudoir shoot with Ms. G.

A boudoir shoot with Ms. G.

We’ve been running a contest to win a free shoot as part of a promotion we’ve been running on Instagram. Ms. G. was selected for January! She wanted to do a boudoir shoot as a gift since the timing was right for Valentine’s Day.

She brought with her three outfits. One was a pretty floral combination in white, another a beautiful emerald green lingerie combination, and for her final look, a lacy black bra and panty set. This was the perfect combination for a lighter soft feminine look as well as some darker sexier shots. And Kerri did her magic with the makeup looks to match.

Here are a few of our favorite images. Interested in a boudoir shoot of your own as a gift? Get in touch! We’d love to hear from you!

Standing in front of window

Laying on floor

Arms crossed wearing black lingerie

Stretched legs with stockings and heels

Implied nude with black satin sheet

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A shoot with Liv

A couple weeks ago I photographed a few ladies on the same day for a boudoir Valentine’s special. It was a long day for both myself and makeup artist Kerri, but in the end it was very well worth it as we got some very special images for our clients. One of whom was Olivia.

Liv, as she’s more commonly known, is a model represented by modeling agencies both here in Boston and in New York City. She’s done a lot of commercial and fashion work, but never done a shoot just for herself. So when she found out we were running a series of short shoots, she got in touch.

And I’m glad she did. We went for a couple of different looks, one a more traditional soft and pretty boudoir look of a bra and panty set with a bulky cable knit sweater. For the second look, we went with a denim button down, panties, and knee high socks for a more just-rolled-out-of-bed sensual look. For makeup, we started with a lighter look and moved on to something a little darker to add a little more edge.

I love the way the images came out, especially in the black and white. Liv is a real pro in front of the camera and I think the final images really show it.

Laying on couch

Standing in front of wall

Sitting in the floor

Sitting on the floor

Laying in couch in a sweater

Denim shirt

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