A fun thing to shoot as part of your boudoir session are detail and bodyscape shots.  These kinds of boudoir photographs show the shape and form of the body as well as details of accessories and wardrobe pieces.  Some details can be really abstract and almost look like a landscape when the entire body is photographed, while other details are small vignettes.

When thinking about details, it can be helpful to think about focusing on those things you really like about yourself.  If you’re particularly fond of, say, your booty, then why not highlight it as shot all of its own?  Or if someone has given you some jewelry or lingerie, those can also be shown as their own shots.

To get a sense of what you really like it can be super helpful to go over your interest in details as part of your boudoir shoot consultation.  We can look through some photographs to get a feel for what you like.  From there, your likes can be included as part of your session.  Incorporating some of these details can really personalize a shoot by focusing on the little things that can mean so much.

Below are a few images that show some examples of details that emphasize various parts of your shoot.

Interested in exploring some ideas for a shoot?  Get in touch!  I’d love to hear from you!


Detail of a woman's torso and lingerie
Bodyscape of a woman
Detail shot of ring and lingerie bottom
Figure study of woman's back
Boudoir Client in Studio in Black and White