Boudoir is like fine dining

Fine dining

Did you know that having a boudoir session with us is like fine dining?
Seems like an odd comparison, doesn’t it? But they have quite a bit in

When you go out to a high end restaurant, what things come to mind? A
gorgeous dining room with white linen table cloths? A wait staff that
caters to your every need? A perfectly grilled steak served with the a
great bottle of wine? If you’re like me, it’s probably all of those

Doing an intimate portrait shoot with us at the studio has a lot of these
same things. A studio space designed just for boudoir, a makeup artist to
pamper you before and during the shoot, and stunning fine art photographs
of yourself like you’ve never seen.

The biggest thing they have in common though is that they’re both special
occasions where you want the best you can get. Sure you could stay home
and have a cheeseburger, just like you could have a friend take pictures
with her cell phone. You still get to eat and you still get photographs.

But what’s missing by staying home? It’s the experience. It’s true that
the steak costs more than the cheeseburger, but it’s a night out you won’t
soon forget. Just like you’ll never forget a fine art boudoir session with
us at the studio.

Intrigued? Drop me a note to erik@pattonboudoir.com to learn more about
session options.