Details and bodyscapes

A fun thing to shoot as part of your boudoir session are detail and bodyscape shots.  These kinds of boudoir photographs show the shape and form of the body as well as details of accessories and wardrobe pieces.  Some details can be really abstract and almost look like a landscape when the entire body is photographed, while other details are small vignettes.

When thinking about details, it can be helpful to think about focusing on those things you really like about yourself.  If you’re particularly fond of, say, your booty, then why not highlight it as shot all of its own?  Or if someone has given you some jewelry or lingerie, those can also be shown as their own shots.

To get a sense of what you really like it can be super helpful to go over your interest in details as part of your boudoir shoot consultation.  We can look through some photographs to get a feel for what you like.  From there, your likes can be included as part of your session.  Incorporating some of these details can really personalize a shoot by focusing on the little things that can mean so much.

Below are a few images that show some examples of details that emphasize various parts of your shoot.

Interested in exploring some ideas for a shoot?  Get in touch!  I’d love to hear from you!


Detail of a woman's torso and lingerie
Bodyscape of a woman
Detail shot of ring and lingerie bottom
Figure study of woman's back
Boudoir Client in Studio in Black and White
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Miss M.

Ms. M.'s Boudoir Session

Ms. M. is not a model, although she looks like she could be!  She’s a friend of our makeup artist Kerri who volunteered to do a shoot with us so that we could have some promotional imagery to show.  Many clients prefer to keep their images private, so it’s hard to show recent work!  She did great and I think she looks amazing!

Interested in your own session?  We have a couple of openings for October, but don’t wait!

Here’s a short testimonial video of Ms. M. talking about her experience and below are a few of my favorite images.  Which ones do you like the best?

And here’s a behind the scenes video showing the process of the shoot.

And a few final images.

Woman in black bodysuit
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Things People Get Nervous About

Things People Get Nervous About When Doing a Shoot

People get nervous about all kinds of things when doing a shoot. It’s true it can be a little awkward initially, but having done this for a long time I can tell you the nerves quickly disappear.  The video has some tips for dealing with nerves.  Give it a listen!

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How boudoir is like fine dining

Boudoir is like fine dining

Fine dining

Did you know that having a boudoir session with us is like fine dining?
Seems like an odd comparison, doesn’t it? But they have quite a bit in

When you go out to a high end restaurant, what things come to mind? A
gorgeous dining room with white linen table cloths? A wait staff that
caters to your every need? A perfectly grilled steak served with the a
great bottle of wine? If you’re like me, it’s probably all of those

Doing an intimate portrait shoot with us at the studio has a lot of these
same things. A studio space designed just for boudoir, a makeup artist to
pamper you before and during the shoot, and stunning fine art photographs
of yourself like you’ve never seen.

The biggest thing they have in common though is that they’re both special
occasions where you want the best you can get. Sure you could stay home
and have a cheeseburger, just like you could have a friend take pictures
with her cell phone. You still get to eat and you still get photographs.

But what’s missing by staying home? It’s the experience. It’s true that
the steak costs more than the cheeseburger, but it’s a night out you won’t
soon forget. Just like you’ll never forget a fine art boudoir session with
us at the studio.

Intrigued? Drop me a note to erik@pattonboudoir.com to learn more about
session options.

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Brandy L.

Brandy L.

Since not a lot of our clients will let us share photos for privacy reasons, we occasionally have a need for a “model”. In this case, it was Brandy, a good friend of our makeup artist, Kerri.

A busy mom with three kids, she was happy to spend some time with us in the studio. She said it great for her to feel “like a woman again”, which for us, is a great compliment. Throughout the shoot she was brimming with confidence and showing her some pictures as we shot made her feel even better about herself. She rocked the entire shoot!

We did a couple of different looks, one with a body suit and a second with a man’s white shirt. To match the lighting and feel, Kerri started with a lighter look and then moved to something darker.

Her photos have been well received on social media by all of her friends. And as a result we’ve had a few people reach out about doing their own shoots. If you’re interested in learning more about it, we’d love to hear from you!


Erik & Kerri

Portrait in body suit

Looking back at camera

Laying down on the couch

Arching her back

Bust detail

Man's white shirt

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