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When-to-book-boudoir-session-Boston-Boudoir-Photographer-Erik-Patton_0006 Last week, I talked about my regard for boudoir photography. I really believe that it can be a powerful body affirmation tool for any woman, at any stage of life. The question I hear the most is: “But, exactly when should I book a boudoir session?” So, I came up with a list of a few times when scheduling a boudoir session may make sense.

Your Wedding

A wedding is the number one reason woman book boudoir sessions. A boudoir album makes a great present for your husband-to-be. It also usually coincides with a time of life when you are looking and feeling your best in preparation for the big day. Scheduling a boudoir session a month, or even a few weeks, before your wedding can be the perfect time. Now this applies whether it is your first wedding or your last, and any in-between. 🙂 When-to-book-boudoir-session-Boston-Boudoir-Photographer-Erik-Patton_0002


Going along with the wedding theme, anniversaries are a great time to celebrate your togetherness with your partner. Schedule a boudoir session enough in advance to be able to gift him with it when he takes you out for a nice dinner. When-to-book-boudoir-session-Boston-Boudoir-Photographer-Erik-Patton_0004


Valentines day and Christmas make great holidays to celebrate with a boudoir session. Red (and pink!) clothing can make for great pops of color! When-to-book-boudoir-session-Boston-Boudoir-Photographer-Erik-Patton_0003

Any time of change…

The truth is, scheduling a boudoir session during any time of change in your life can be an acknowledgment of that moment and how you feel about it. Things like weight loss, post-baby, divorce; these are all times of change that have their ups and downs. You can make a positive memory by capturing YOU at that time with a special boudoir look. It can become a memory for just you to look back on and remember. When-to-book-boudoir-session-Boston-Boudoir-Photographer-Erik-Patton_0005 So what are you waiting for? Contact Erik today and get your session on the calendar.  
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Why I believe Boudoir Photography is for Everyone

Boston-Boudoir-Photographer-Erik-Patton-Photography_0003 Photography can document the realities of any given moment in time. We all have snapshots of our childhood, slightly awkward polaroid types where everyone is racing to get out of the shot. And these are mementos that we all hold dear. Even if our first professional photography experience is at a wedding, those are still usually documentary-style records of that day. But photography, especially working with a professional, also has the potential to show things that you may not see with your naked eye. It has the ability able to capture a portrait that is more fantasy than reality, but still us. Boston-Boudoir-Photographer-Erik-Patton-Photography_0004 That is where the power of Boudoir photography lies for me. The empowerment of a woman at that moment, taken in such a way that she would never see herself. But knowing that this is the way her most loved partner sees her. My name is Rachel, and I’m so honored to be working with Erik from Patton Photography as we go over the finer points of Boudoir photography, including why you may be ready for a session and things you may want to wear, in the next few blogs. Boston-Boudoir-Photographer-Erik-Patton-Photography_0001 It is a genre of photography that I firmly believe in, particularly when used as a tool for body acceptance. I think that every woman is beautiful, and a Boudoir session, especially with an artist like Erik, allow that allure to be captured and shared. I promise that the images created will be keepsakes that any woman will treasure forever. Boston-Boudoir-Photographer-Erik-Patton-Photography_0002
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A shoot with Liv

A couple weeks ago I photographed a few ladies on the same day for a boudoir Valentine’s special. It was a long day for both myself and makeup artist Kerri, but in the end it was very well worth it as we got some very special images for our clients. One of whom was Olivia. Liv, as she’s more commonly known, is a model represented by modeling agencies both here in Boston and in New York City. She’s done a lot of commercial and fashion work, but never done a shoot just for herself. So when she found out we were running a series of short shoots, she got in touch. And I’m glad she did. We went for a couple of different looks, one a more traditional soft and pretty boudoir look of a bra and panty set with a bulky cable knit sweater. For the second look, we went with a denim button down, panties, and knee high socks for a more just-rolled-out-of-bed sensual look. For makeup, we started with a lighter look and moved on to something a little darker to add a little more edge. I love the way the images came out, especially in the black and white. Liv is a real pro in front of the camera and I think the final images really show it. Laying on couch Standing in front of wall Sitting in the floor Sitting on the floor Laying in couch in a sweater Denim shirt
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Two different makeup looks

Clean makeup look for boudoir
Creative boudoir makeup One of the most important parts of a boudoir shoot is the makeup. In fact it’s so important that it’s included as part of the session fee. The great thing about working with a professional makeup artist is that she can do a look for you that’s very polished and creative. Both of these images are from some recent beauty work I shot with local agency models. The left image is a very clean natural look. This works well for an overall look that’s very subdued, soft and pretty. Think wearing pastel colored lingerie while laying in white sheets with a light and airy feel to the overall photograph. Or perhaps a white sheet session with a tousled-hair-I-woke-up-like-this look. The makeup doesn’t dominate but rather enhances your natural features. The right image is more creative with the head piece and the under eye shadow. Here all the drama is about the makeup. This is where you can get creative and do something beyond just smokey eye shadow. Collecting sample images before your shoot is really helpful for this as it gives the makeup artist something solid to start from. Whether you’re the more natural type or prefer something more creative, thinking about your makeup beforehand can really elevate your shoot. Plus it’s a lot of fun!
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Outdoor Fine Art Nude Portraits

Nude portrait at the pond In addition to shooting boudoir and some commercial work, I’ve been working on and off over the years creating a series of outdoor fine art nude portraits. I shoot these for my own creative outlet to keep things fresh and interesting. The locations are outdoors in the natural environment, be it the forest, beach, or a grassy field. My approach to this work is to keep planning to a minimum and just let the creativity happen during the shoot. Just myself and the subject, nothing complicated. Shooting early in the morning, I wander around looking for great light and an interesting composition. From there I find a quiet, introspective pose that sets the tone of the image. A beautiful woman in a beautiful setting. Perfect. This particular image was taken about three years ago with a model friend of mine at a location about 20 miles north of Boston. I’m currently working on a website for this work but until then, follow me on Instagram at @erikpattonphoto if you want to see more. –Erik
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