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The Top 5 Things to Know about Boudoir

It's as much for you as it is for them

Often women interested in having a boudoir photo shoot are considering it as a sexy and unique gift for their significant other.

Clients find though that after a session they are empowered and confident in ways that they hadn’t really expected. Doing a shoot lifts the ego by providing a huge boost of self confidence.
Man's white shirt

Wardrobe can be whatever you find sexy

What you wear to your session is really up to you! A lot of clients will go with lingerie, but it can also be something like a man’s shirt or a sports jersey. Some of the prettiest work is done with nothing more than draping and wrapping with fabric.

Booking should be done early

We recommend booking a good two months in advance of when you might need to have the final photos. Between consultations, the shoot, ordering appointment and product delivery times, the weeks can all really add up.
Boudoir portrait

Being nervous is completely normal

You’d have to be an experienced model to not be nervous in front of the camera. We understand this and work very hard to make you feel as comfortable and relaxed as possible.

Simple things like playing your favorite music or enjoying a glass of champagne before the shoot can really help set the mood. And after just a few minutes we can pretty much guarantee that any anxiety will be gone as you get into the shoot.

You don’t need to lose weight (honest!)

We hear all the time from interested clients that they want to lose weight before a shoot.

But the reality is that through careful lighting and posing any of those “problem areas” can be hidden in the photographs. Allowing things to go out of focus and fall into shadow are tricks that we use to make you look your very best. So instead of heading to the gym, why not go shopping for your outfit instead?