Two different makeup looks

Clean makeup look for boudoir
Creative boudoir makeup One of the most important parts of a boudoir shoot is the makeup. In fact it’s so important that it’s included as part of the session fee. The great thing about working with a professional makeup artist is that she can do a look for you that’s very polished and creative. Both of these images are from some recent beauty work I shot with local agency models. The left image is a very clean natural look. This works well for an overall look that’s very subdued, soft and pretty. Think wearing pastel colored lingerie while laying in white sheets with a light and airy feel to the overall photograph. Or perhaps a white sheet session with a tousled-hair-I-woke-up-like-this look. The makeup doesn’t dominate but rather enhances your natural features. The right image is more creative with the head piece and the under eye shadow. Here all the drama is about the makeup. This is where you can get creative and do something beyond just smokey eye shadow. Collecting sample images before your shoot is really helpful for this as it gives the makeup artist something solid to start from. Whether you’re the more natural type or prefer something more creative, thinking about your makeup beforehand can really elevate your shoot. Plus it’s a lot of fun!
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