So, you’ve made the decision to book a boudoir session! Now, what do you wear?

Well, first, you will want hair & makeup professionally done in the studio before the session. If nothing else, that pampering sets you in the mood for glamour. But, more importantly, these talented artists know how to add to your natural look that will help your features to really pop on camera.

There is nothing more empowering than seeing what a professional can do to enhance your natural beauty. Erik partners with known Boston-area makeup artists such as…

Beyond that indulgent experience, we have compiled a list of possible outfit choices for your session.


This is the most obvious choice. But wearing it for the session is only part of the buying adventure. Go out, and TRY ON. Find something that makes you feel beautiful, or something that you couldn’t imagine wearing in real life. Don’t be afraid of colors and textures. All of these will make for images that you will awe you.


Men’s clothing

We’re not talking a full three-piece suit, but a well-placed men’s accessory can be very alluring. A white button-down shirt, a fedora hat, even a silk tie. Choosing options that belong to a treasured man in your life will add extra nostalgia when you look back on it.


Yes, your birthday suit can also be an option for a boudoir session. Being naked helps accentuate that feeling of body empowerment. Having no clothes does not translate into nudity however, beautifully arranged hands, sheets, or camera angles can give a hint, without showing everything.


This is not a given at every session, this is a personal choice discussed between you and Erik, the photographer. Erik also can have a female spotter on set to ensure that you are the most comfortable you can be.

So, what will you choose? Do you have other ideas for your session? Let us know!