Photography can document the realities of any given moment in time. We all have snapshots of our childhood, slightly awkward polaroid types where everyone is racing to get out of the shot. And these are mementos that we all hold dear. Even if our first professional photography experience is at a wedding, those are still usually documentary-style records of that day.

But photography, especially working with a professional, also has the potential to show things that you may not see with your naked eye. It has the ability able to capture a portrait that is more fantasy than reality, but still us.


That is where the power of Boudoir photography lies for me. The empowerment of a woman at that moment, taken in such a way that she would never see herself. But knowing that this is the way her most loved partner sees her.

My name is Rachel, and I’m so honored to be working with Erik from Patton Photography as we go over the finer points of Boudoir photography, including why you may be ready for a session and things you may want to wear, in the next few blogs.


It is a genre of photography that I firmly believe in, particularly when used as a tool for body acceptance. I think that every woman is beautiful, and a Boudoir session, especially with an artist like Erik, allow that allure to be captured and shared. I promise that the images created will be keepsakes that any woman will treasure forever.